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“I was part of a machine that encourages us to believe that happiness comes from the outside. this was not my truth; I knew that there was more.”

I’ve always been a curious child and blessed to have grown up in positive, life affirming household where alternative healing modalities and spiritual practices were a part of everyday life. At age 12, I attended the Landmark Forum which opened my awareness to the pain and suffering that is present in our world and how we can move through it and heal. I also learned how to communicate from my heart and experience empathy.

Growing up in Australia, and spending time in Malaysia & Singapore during my childhood I knew I wanted to live in Asia as I loved the dynamic energy of the cities. In the middle of studying for my Bachelor of Commerce, I decided to take a break and moved to Hong Kong for 6 months to pursue a career in professional modeling. It was intriguing and a lot of fun – an eye-opener for me! It gave me the opportunity to travel and explore but deep down, I always knew it wasn't for me.

Whilst modeling, I was given the chance to learn about production from a brilliant photographer and decided to start a production house in Hong Kong at the age of 22 – Red Cactus was born! I worked hard, partied hard and found myself 13 years later with an established photography, video production house and artists’ agency servicing clients like Cathay Pacific, Hugo Boss and many more. Based in Hong Kong, we soon expanded to other countries and opened offices in both Shanghai and Singapore. In hindsight, it all had seemed to unfold without any sort of plan or dream on my part.

Over the years, I had somehow become a workaholic, which I knew wasn’t serving me. I was close to burn out.

Even though I was incredibly grateful for the career and everything it provided me with, I realized that in my professional careers both being in front and behind the camera I was part of a machine that encourages us to believe that happiness comes from the outside, this was not my truth I knew that there was more.

“I felt a yearning, but I didn’t know what for. after quite a bit of soul-searching, I made the decision to find more balance in my life.”

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I connected with inspiring individuals who gave me support and guidance to create change in my life. I put together the right team which allowed me to take a step back from my business and have more balance, while keeping my company running.

With sparkling curiosity, I took a 2-year sabbatical of sorts to travel the world, study yoga, different healing modalities, and became a certified holistic wellness coach, in addition to attending workshop after workshop on the science of transformation. I felt my interest in self-realization re-ignite on another level.

“This time was truly a healing gift to myself. I peeled away layer after layer of old wounds and conditioning.”

During this exploration, I really committed to fully loving & accepting myself, which is an ongoing journey! I also met the love of my life and co-creating partner Jeremy, for whom I am eternally grateful.

It’s become clear to me that all this time what I was searching for was my own truth and essence… my love and light within, which has always been there… guiding me every step of the way.

I am so thankful for all the inspiration and tools that are continually shared with me in my journey of growth and self-realization. The amazing people I meet and their life-changing stories always deepen my fire within.

I hope that through AHANAH, you too can be awakened to your own inner light. Take that first step into the unknown and know that you are not alone. We are here to support your journey.